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Hot Pink, Hot Sex, Hot What!

......Pixel Perfect......
18 November
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"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything"

save my mommy... sponsor me for the MS walk on May 1

heres a lil story i gotsta tell, about the first cyber goth to rock chanel.....

I'm pink and glowy...
..... and broke....

im so freaking uber...... on the outside....

yet so freaking cute underneath

im also VERY into animal rights, and VERY environmentally aware, a tree hugger in disgise perhaps. i am vegan and was a very strict vegitarian for the 14 years before. I use paper, not plastic and i recycle. I don't drink, i don't do drugs, and while people think im boring now for not. i like it better this way. I probabley pump my ideas way too much on my journal. but heh its my journal so i can, and i never said everyone has to live the same way. i only wish people would realize what is happening to our environment and behind closed doors in the meat industry. its absolutly disgusting.

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allow me to introduce myself... want you to come a little closer..
i'd like you to get to know me a little better. meet the real me.
sorry you can't define me sorry i break the mold
sorry that i speak my mind sorry don't do what i'm told
sorry if i don't fake it sorry i come to real
i will never hide what i really feel no way oh
so here it is no hope no glass no pretense
just me

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Date Created:11-13-2001
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sexy pink is pink. she is glows under uv light, she is a pincushion, a photographer, and a frustrated student. She loves anything chanel and dior. She is short, but makes up for it in platforms. Her make-up bag has more money in make-up than your closet has in clothing, and she is damn proud of it. and she IS the first cyberbitch to rock chanel.
Strengths: comfortable in her own skin, laid back, goes with the flow, and is easy to shop for (lol)
Weaknesses: spending money, trusts to easily, but at the same time is too sceptical, and as you can see spelling.
Special Skills: can make an outfit out of anything, can make dreads with a flick of a wrist. Can make even you look sexy in a photograph.
Weapons: platform luichinys for more surface area when i ::kick:: you. mamiya rb67 pro sd, mamiya 645 pro, nikon f, and a nikon nikkormat to steal your soul in black and white.
most notable allies: zombie6x6x6 Tim spikeyboi dan cyberprincezz carly beatmeister vaughn

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