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its like talking to a wall your drama says what? another day another entry stalk me Exposed in Pink a Photography Portfolio go back go back go forward go forward
oh kitchen aid, how i love thee - Money.Success.Fame.Glamour
Hot Pink, Hot Sex, Hot What!
oh kitchen aid, how i love thee
they knew i was going to be on my own soon and made a pink line just for me.

lol. i wish, but hey lucky me they decided that they wanted to make some stuff for breast cancer.

mmm breasts

mmm x 1 million pink

in other news. my nose is dryer than the sahara desert during the day, yet running like the mississippi river at night.
my throat feels so scratchy i can hardly swallow when i wake up.
i think its bird flu

well really its just tims germs finally creeping up on me, stupid cooties.
i don't have time to be sick
thank god for nyquil
take a picture it lasts longer